PC Manitoba


The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba is working for all Manitobans. We believe in creating safer streets, stronger communities, and healing the healthcare system – while being prepared for the bright opportunities ahead.
Our PC Team is helping Manitobans make ends meet, creating a more competitive environment, and creating good jobs.
Manitoba should be a place where all Manitobans can reach their full potential. It should be affordable, competitive, culturally vibrant and economically prosperous. We want Manitobans to live, work and raise their families right here at home.
The PC Party of Manitoba is the only party that can balance strong investments in the services that we all rely on – while fighting to make life more affordable for all Manitobans.
We know what happens when NDP governments mismanage spending – it results in worse services, less jobs, and less help for families to make ends meet.
The PC Party of Manitoba is standing up for Manitobans – helping them now, and working to create a brighter future.


23 Kennedy St. Winnipeg, MB  R3C 1S5

(204) 594-4080

[email protected]