The PC Party of Manitoba

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba is open to all. 

Our values are Manitoba’s values. 

Trust. Compassion. Open. Inclusive. Teamwork. 

We believe in Manitoba’s unlimited potential and the opportunity for each Manitoban to succeed. 

We stand on the contributions of those who came before us. 

We believe in good government, that serves the people each and every day.

Statement of Guiding Principles

Progressive Conservatives are committed to building a province where ALL people can succeed. We want a province where families can thrive and enjoy strong economic and social development. We aspire to create a climate where ALL can reach their full potential. We will do so guided by the following principles:

1. Universal access to a quality education and affordable postsecondary education complete with resources for lifelong learning throughout the province;

2. Universal access to high quality and timely health care; and access to resources that promote healthy living;

3. Compassionate care for those in need and meaningful support for those who are unable to support themselves;

4. Efficient and effective government with a credible fiscal plan to ensure the long- term success and viability of essential services;

5. Economic growth and job creation through private enterprise, entrepreneurship and commercial competitiveness fostered by creation of an even playing field for all;

6. A government that is respectful of and responsive to the will of the people it serves; committed to both the responsibilities and the spirit of democracy;

7. Environmental leadership through responsible management of resources, conservation and a commitment to both present and future generations;

8. Encouragement and celebration of a vibrant and diverse culture of the arts, sports and volunteerism secured and sustained by a strong, steady economy;

9. Support the conditions where the security of family and supportive communities allow ALL children to play, learn and develop into healthy and successful citizens;

10. Security in the rule of law with protection of personal and property rights and freedoms.

PC Party of Manitoba Constitution (click to open .pdf)