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Attracting RCMP Officers to Northern Manitoba

NDP-Trudeau coalition short-change officers in The Pas and Thompson: McLauchlan

THE PAS — To keep Northern Manitoba communities safe and staffed with RCMP, a re-elected PC government will restore the cost-of-living allowance for northern officers that was cut by the federal government, Alan McLauchlan, PC candidate for The Pas-Kameesak, announced today.

“Ever since the NDP-Trudeau coalition decided that The Pas didn’t qualify for the isolated post allowance, we’ve been having trouble retaining officers,” said McLauchlan. “Wab Kinew and the NDP might not care, but our PC Team cares. We’ll step up where Trudeau dropped the ball and defend, not defund, our police.”

Although Flin Flon and Swan River, among other northern communities, currently qualify for the isolated post allowance, The Pas lost its ‘isolated post’ classification under federal RCMP designations, and Thompson has never met the criteria.

This allowance directly impacts the compensation received by RCMP officers stationed at northern detachments. The net loss for officers averages to around $10,000 per year, with the anticipated annual cost to cover these losses is $600,000. A re-elected PC government will cover this financial shortfall for officers in both Thompson and The Pas, McLauchlan said.

“Obviously, Justin Trudeau needs to step up and rethink these classifications. Our PC Team won’t stand for our communities losing officers,” McLauchlan said.

“I applaud the PC Party for recognizing the challenge of filling vacant RCMP postings in our area,” said Andre Murphy, Mayor of the Town of The Pas. “In recent years, the loss of the RCMP isolation compensation for members has created difficulties in filling vacancies, as well as retention of members within our communities. This new funding will address the unique needs of our northern communities and ensure the safety and security of our residents.”

“The NDP-Trudeau coalition doesn’t care about policing in Northern communities, and they’ve made that clear,” added Linda Markus, PC candidate for Thompson. “Our PC Team won’t stand for that. We support our police officers.”

The provincial election will be held October 3rd, 2023.


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