PC Manitoba

Budget 2023

Your PC Team’s Budget 2023 provides historic help for Manitobans when they need it most.

It balances unprecedented affordability and tax measures with record-setting investments in vital programs and services that Manitobans most rely on creating new opportunities for all Manitobans.

Budget 2023 is focused on historic help for Manitobans, with more benefits to help Manitobans make ends meet with tax breaks, school tax rebates and carbon tax relief fund cheques. That’s more than $5,000 in the pockets of the average family while deficit reduction stays on track.

Safer streets

By tackling the root causes of crime with funds to help the homeless,  expand shelters and build more housing units while also providing more addiction treatment beds. Manitobans will also feel safer on their streets and in their communities with more help for front-line police officers to fight violent crime.

Healing health care

With the largest-ever increase to help heal health care by building up the front lines, expanding hospitals, and reducing wait times.

Stronger communities

With extraordinary investments in our communities, arts,  culture and our 92 provincial parks. Communities are stronger with historic investments in schools, in Manitobans with disabilities and in families with affordable child care.

Opportunities ahead

with significant investments in trade routes, infrastructure that facilitates commerce, business development and other initiatives to transform Manitoba into a global trade and transportation corridor.

It all starts with historic help for what matters most.