PC Manitoba

Christopher Santos

Tyndall Park

Christopher Santos is a passionate and driven individual with a deep-rooted desire to create positive change in his community. Chris and his family have lived in Tyndall Park for 42 years and have witnessed firsthand the struggles that many families have faced.

Chris has begun his life in Canada working in the largest window company in North America.

With a strong background in the building designs industry, he has been employed as a Senior Architectural Technologist.

Chris enjoys giving back to his community, and has held many leadership roles in the Filipino cultural community in Winnipeg.

This, combined with his grassroots experience and having lived in the area, has equipped him with a strong foundation and a unique perspective of the intricacies of the political landscape.

Motivated by his belief in inclusive, equitable governance, Chris decided to enter politics to amplify the voice of marginalized communities. He strongly advocates for the seniors in Manitoba, newcomers, and improving the education system. With his passion and dedication, 

Chris strives to be a relentless advocate for the constituents of Tyndall Park. Through his commitment to serving the public, he aims to leave a lasting impact by helping to reshape policies that create a fair and prosperous future for the constituents of Tyndall Park and the province of Manitoba.

Chris would be honoured to serve as the next MLA for Tyndall Park.