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Fighting for Manitobans:
A Stable, Experienced Platform for a Stronger Manitoba

Fighting for Bigger Paycheques, Safer Streets, Healthier Communities, and Manitoba’s Future: Stefanson

WINNIPEG — Today, PC Leader Heather Stefanson released her fully-costed and budgeted campaign platform to Manitoba voters. It focuses on the real issues Manitobans are facing: affordability, crime and safety, healthy and vibrant communities, and growing our great province.

“I’ve been listening to Manitobans across the province,” Stefanson said. “People need a stable, experienced government willing to fight for them. Our platform builds off of our fully-costed Budget 2023, which provided historic funding for health care, education, and social services, following a balanced budget in 2022/23.”

The PCs have laid out a plan that focuses on what matters most to Manitobans: affordability, healthy communities, economic development, and safer streets. Key highlights of our platform include:


  • Bigger paycheques for all Manitobans by lowering the first provincial income tax bracket in half, with savings that will average over $1,900—the equivalent of an extra paycheque for many Manitobans;
  • Eliminating the Land Transfer Tax on first-time homebuyers, saving young and new Manitobans an average of $5,700; and
  • Fighting the NDP-Trudeau coalition’s punishing carbon tax, and removing it off of Manitoba Hydro bills within the first 10 days in office.

Healthy Communities

  • Creating a permanent $120-million recruitment and retention fund for health-care staff across the province, building on our $400-million Health Human Resource Action Plan;
  • Helping more Manitobans recover from their addictions by doubling the number of treatment spaces across Manitoba, and supporting the Quest Health Recovery Centre, a long-term treatment program for First Nations run by First Nations;
  • Helping families build vibrant communities by providing $100 million to support arts, culture, and amateur sport projects and programming being undertaken by community organizations throughout the province; and
  • Updating parental rights in Manitoba’s Public Schools Act to reflect modern issues, and ensure parents are more involved and better informed of what’s happening in the day-to-day lives of their children at school.

Economic Development

  • Keeping Manitoba competitive for businesses and job creation by eliminating the job-killing NDP payroll tax over 8 years, with the first 50% reduction phased out over a new four-year mandate;
  • Giving Mantioba consumers more choice by expanding retail liquor sales into grocery stores;
  • Filling 100,000 jobs over the next five years with a $16-million skills training and recruitment fund to leverage private sector investment; and
  • Leveraging Manitoba’s affordable, clean energy to attract and power new industries entering the provincial economy, as well as strengthening emerging industries with expanded tax incentives.


Safer Streets

  • Defending—not defunding—our police to ensure safer streets by expanding the Winnipeg Police Service’s Property Crime Unit, as well as attracting more officers to Northern Manitoba by restoring the cost-of-living allowance cut by the federal government;
  • Bringing proven community outreach and support to the City of Brandon by expanding the Downtown Community Safety Partnership to provide non-emergency response to residents in need and reduce strain on police resources;
  • Investing $10 million to bolster supports for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, including women’s shelters and counselling services; and
  • Leading the charge against NDP-Trudeau federal soft-on-crime policies by calling all provinces and territories together to review Canada’s Criminal Code, and pushing the NDP-Trudeau coalition on tougher sentencing for heinous crimes.
“We built this platform from what we heard from you, Manitobans,” Stefanson said. “We know you’re struggling to make ends meet, that you’re worried about the safety of your communities, that you’re excited for the future of our great province, and that you want a stable, experienced government to keep our health-care system on the path to recovery. Progressive Conservatives are the only party fighting for the priorities of all Manitobans.”
Read the full Fighting For Manitobans platform at pcmanitoba.com/platform2023.
The provincial election will be held October 3rd, 2023.


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