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Fighting for Safer Streets

Targeted programing to stop dangerous street racing in Winnipeg: Klein

WINNIPEG — A re-elected PC government will target the dangerous practice of street racing through a Safer Streets program focused on increasing enforcement and education, Kevin Klein, PC candidate for Kirkfield Park, announced today.

“Street racing puts our communities in extreme danger,” said Klein. “Just last week, in my community of Kirkfield Park, several people were injured due to this reckless behaviour. Our PC Team won’t stand for that. We need to crack down on these street racers and keep our neighbourhoods safe.”

Working with Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) and Winnipeg police, a re-elected PC government will provide $1 million to install automated camera technology to identify high-speed offenders and monitor noise levels in real time in high-need areas of the city where street racing is a problem.

Additionally, a re-elected PC government will provide $100,000 to launch a public education campaign to help inform the public of enforcement measures and to promote safer alternatives like the Interlake Dragway.

“Seniors are being kept up at all hours of the day by these street racers. It’s disrespectful and dangerous,” said Scott Johnston, PC candidate for Assiniboia. “We need to address this street racing issue to keep seniors and families in our communities more comfortable and safe in their homes.”

“We’re the only party fighting for safer streets in Winnipeg,” Klein added.

The provincial election will be held October 3rd, 2023.


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