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Manitoba PCs Will Nearly Double Charitable Tax Credit, Release Costed Affordability Platform: Goertzen

STEINBACH — Following a week of announcing permanent affordability measures to help Manitobans make ends meet, a re-elected PC government will nearly double the charitable donation tax credit, Kelvin Goertzen, PC candidate for Steinbach, announced today.

“I’m constantly in awe as we hear of charities smashing fundraising targets each year, and of Manitobans helping worthy causes here at home and around the world. In 2021, over 192,000 Manitobans gave to charity,” said Goertzen. “This shows who we are as Manitobans, and nearly doubling this tax benefit will encourage even more giving to organizations who do incredible work throughout the province.”

This change will increase the rebate on the first $200 charitable contribution from 10.8% to 20%, and contributions over $200 from 17.4% to 25%. As a result, Manitoba will have the most generous charitable tax credit in the country.

“As a small charity, we’ve always appreciated donations and year-end giving that has enabled us to do what we do,” said Isimeli Masi, Director of Island Breeze Manitoba. “We depend on these donations and partnerships, and know that what we’re doing today to highlight charitable causes and increase donation credits will benefit organizations like ours to reach more people and communities.”

The PCs also presented a fully-costed affordability platform today. The end of each week during the campaign will be fully-costed in the spirit of transparency and accountability.

“Unlike Wab Kinew and the NDP, our promises are not written on the back of a napkin and contradictory to past positions,” said Carrie Heibert, PC candidate for Morden-Winkler. “We’re excited to show Manitobans how we will lower taxes, grow our economy, and make our communities stronger.”

You can see the PC Party of Manitoba’s affordability platform online at pcmanitoba.com/makingendsmeet.


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