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PCs pledge $5 million to support first responders struggling with PTSD: Reyes

WINNIPEG —To further support Manitoba’s first responders, a re-elected PC government will allocate $5 million towards ensuring those suffering from post-traumatic stress receive the services they need to heal, Jon Reyes, PC candidate for Waverley, announced today.

“Police, firefighters, and paramedics put their lives on the line every day to protect Manitobans,” said Reyes. “But all too frequently, these brave men and women are exposed to traumatic experiences in their line of duty. It’s our duty to ensure that they receive the help and resources they need to heal and continue serving our communities.”

Reyes noted that the funding would support a comprehensive range of programs focused on prevention, early intervention, and treatment of PTSD among first responders. That includes counselling services, mental health awareness campaigns, and providing educational resources designed to destigmatize seeking help and treatment.

“Police officers go through a lot on the front lines. PTSD and mental health issues are common issues among our officers, and I’ve long advocated for a program just like this,” said Moe Sabourin, former president of the Winnipeg Police Association who served as a Winnipeg Police Service officer for 33 years. “This program is needed for our officers and first responders. I’m glad to see the PC Party taking this issue seriously.”

In addition, a re-elected PC government will work with Manitoba Public Insurance to create a charity licence plate to support the Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad, which raises funds every year to support the fight against prostate cancer. Funds raised by the Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad go toward the Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation.

“I’m pleased to see the PCs supporting a project like Motorcycle Ride for Dad,” Sabourin added. “A licence plate will help raise funds and awareness of the project. They really make a difference for men struggling with prostate cancer.”

“Investing in the mental health of our first responders is essential for the safety and well-being of our communities,” said Bob Lagassé, PC candidate for Dawson Trail. “There’s no shame in accessing support for mental health issues. Our PC Team is here to stand with you, and help support you along the way.”

As part of its commitment to improving access to mental health services for all Manitobans, the PCs have also committed to investing $12.7 million into organizations providing services to children and youth struggling with their mental health.

The provincial election will be held October 3rd, 2023.


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