PC Manitoba

Helping Making Ends Meet

A Fully-Costed Affordability Platform

A re-elected PC government will provide Manitobans with permanent affordability measures to help you make ends meet.

An Extra Paycheque Every Year

Providing long-term tax relief for Manitobans by lowering income taxes over the next four years will grow every paycheque. For the average income of $50,000, that amounts to savings of $1,900 per year by 2028.

Affordable First Homes

Removing barriers to homeownership by eliminating the land transfer tax on first-time homebuyers, enabling new and young Manitobans to enter the housing market with more money for their down payment and improvements to their first home.

Aging in Place, with Mobility

Granting seniors on a fixed income with monthly savings through a new property tax deferral program, in addition to an enhanced tax credit for mobility aids like walkers, wheelchairs, and home improvements.

Giving Back to the Giving

In 2021, over 192,000 Manitobans gave to charity. Enhancing Manitoba’s charitable donation credit will reward and encourage even more of our nation-leading generosity.

Balanced Budget 2025

Protecting Manitoba’s A+ credit rating by balancing the budget in 2025, two years ahead of schedule, all while maintaining record investments in health care, education, and social services.

Building on Budget 2023

These promises build on the Manitoba PC’s Budget 2023Historic Help for Manitobans, which delivered historic relief through the largest-ever reduction in personal income taxes, direct payments from the Carbon Tax Relief Fund, and the increased School Tax Rebate.

Budget 2023 included investments that brought total tax and affordability measures to more than $1.8 billion between 2022 and 2024, providing $5,500 in total savings for the average two-income family by 2024.


Manitoba Economic Forecast

New Affordability Priorities

$151 million tax savings annually

Eliminating the Land Transfer Tax for First-time homebuyers
$40 million tax savings annually

Seniors Mobility Credit
$5 million tax savings annually

Enhanced Charitable Credit
$12 million tax savings annually