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Manitoba NDP Changing Positions Daily on Important Issues


The Manitoba NDP needs to come clean about their deceptive tactics relating to some of the most important issues facing Manitobans in the upcoming provincial election, after quietly changing their answers in the CBC’s Vote Compass survey after they were published earlier this week, Kevin Klein, PC candidate for Kirkfield Park, said today.

Specifically, the NDP have flip-flopped on whether they would cut services to balance the budget, and whether they believe parents should be informed if and when their children change their gender pronouns at school.

“Manitobans deserve the truth,” Klein said. “It’s clear the NDP is willing to say anything to get elected, but which position is real?”

On Monday, the CBC published its election survey, allowing Manitobans to answer a series of questions to help determine which political party aligned with their beliefs. The survey has had more than 7,100 responses.

The NDP originally answered that they “somewhat agree” that “the provincial deficit should be reduced, even if it means fewer public services.” By Tuesday evening, however, they had changed their position to match the PCs, indicating they “somewhat disagree.”

Similarly, the NDP responded that they “somewhat agree” that “schools should always inform parents if their child uses different gender pronouns in the classroom than they do at home.” Overnight, they changed their answer to “somewhat disagree.”

As part of the survey’s methodology, “all parties are provided with an opportunity to review and, if necessary, challenge the calibrations before Vote Compass is launched.”

“Wab Kinew is deliberately misleading Manitobans about where he stands on important matters,” Klein said. “Since the beginning of this campaign, Wab Kinew has been copying and pasting PC policy into his own platform—on public safety, on property tax rebates, and on healthcare.”

“How can Manitobans trust Wab Kinew when he doesn’t even trust his own policies?” 


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