PC Manitoba

Michael Birch


Michael Birch is an Oji-Cree award-winning serial entrepreneur originally from Garden Hill First Nation, a remote, fly-in community in Northern Manitoba. He now resides with his wife and children in Winnipeg. Michael is dedicated to opening the North and creating opportunities for the people in Keewatinook and beyond.
Michael started his first business at 15 years old, operating the Garden Hill Convenience Store in his home community. After moving to Winnipeg, Michael continued his entrepreneurial journey through many businesses over the last 35 years, including successful ventures in transportation, health care, food production, freight and logistics, among many others.
His passion for economic development encompasses more than management consulting; it also helps First Nations revitalize their communities with new infrastructure and sustainable business practices, including offering specialized training and skills development.
Aside from work, Michael enjoys spending time with his family and loves to watch the Winnipeg Jets and Blue Bombers. With a dedication to his health and faith as a daily priority, Michael is proud to see what impacts economic development can have on the wellness of people in First Nations communities and throughout Manitoba.