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NDP-Trudeau Coalition Needs to Make Punishments Match the Crime

Manitoba PCs won’t stand for dangerous criminals being let loose on Manitoba streets: Goertzen

WINNIPEG — A re-elected PC government will call for a provincial–territorial Justice Ministers summit to review sentencing under the Criminal Code of Canada, to push the NDP-Trudeau government on tougher sentencing for heinous crimes, and stop the catch-and-release Criminal Code policies implemented under Justin Trudeau’s time in office, Kelvin Goertzen, PC candidate for Steinbach, announced today.

“Trudeau has been an absolute mess for criminal justice in our great nation,” said Goertzen. “While in government, our PC Team has had great success at rallying provinces across the country to push the NDP-Trudeau government to reform bail. It’s time to do the same for sentencing for horrible and violent crimes, like pedophilia, murder, and drug trafficking.”

The most recent Statistics Canada crime report reveals that the NDP-Trudeau soft-on-crime approach has allowed homicide rates to rise for the fourth consecutive year, its highest level since 1992. Gun crime has risen for the eighth consecutive year, with per capita victims for violent crimes involving firearms increasing by 60 per cent since 2013. Rates of total sexual violations against children have risen 34% in the last five years.

“The statistics don’t lie. The NDP-Trudeau coalition’s soft-on-crime policies have been disastrous for Manitobans. We need a party in office willing to stand up to Justin and Jagmeet, and do what’s right for our citizens,” Goertzen added. “How many times will the NDP-Trudeau coalition tolerate the headlines of violent offenders being released early into our neighbourhoods, putting our friends, family, and loved ones in danger? Our PC Team won’t stand for that. I think people across the country will agree—it’s time for punishments to match the crime in Canada.”

A re-elected PC government will call for an all provincial and territorial Justice Ministers summit to strategize and decide on conditions for action against lax sentencing and early catch-and-release policies implemented under Trudeau’s watch, reviewing sentencing under Canada’s Criminal Code. This summit will also include a review of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, Goertzen added.

“As a frontline police officer, I see the repercussions of Trudeau’s policies on the streets of Winnipeg everyday,” said Rejeanne Caron, PC candidate for Fort Rouge and a long-time Winnipeg Police Service officer. “Officers across the country know the increase in crime since Trudeau took office isn’t an accident. It’s a result of his NDP coalition and their soft-on-crime policies. I’m proud to run with a party willing to stand up and say enough is enough.”

Advanced polls have opened and the provincial election will be held October 3rd, 2023.


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