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NDP’s $3-Billion Spending Plan Doesn't Add Up

Wab Kinew has no choice but to raise taxes to pay for his promises; Manitoba PCs only party with a plan to continue growing economy: Klein

WINNIPEG — Manitoba Finance revealed today that our PC government balanced the budget this year. The Manitoba PC Party will continue to focus investments in priority areas like health care and education, Kevin Klein, PC candidate for Kirkfield Park, announced today.

“A growing economy resulted in more government revenues, and that’s good for Manitoba—because those dollars can be reinvested into health care, education, roads, and social services,” said Klein. “Today’s news shows that Wab Kinew’s spending plan is based on false assumptions, and that with $3.3 billion in new spending, the only way they can pay for it will be through raising taxes.”

Wab Kinew has repeatedly made the false claim that he would use $500 million of “unallocated funds” to pay, in part, for his $3.3-billion spending plan. Those funds simply don’t exist—rather, the funds that Kinew is referring to were set aside for things like new labour agreements recently signed by the Manitoba government.

“This proves that the NDP’s entire platform is manufactured. It is not grounded in fact or reality,” said Klein. “One might think that Greg Selinger costed their tax-and-spend platform himself.”

“Instead, Manitobans can trust that our stable, experienced PC Team will continue putting Manitobans’ needs first,” said Klein. “While delivering historic tax breaks and benefits to help Manitobans make ends meet, providing a record $100-million increase in education, and investing the largest-ever health-care budget of $7.9 billion, we have a balanced budget with higher revenue from a growing economy. The NDP will never be able to achieve that.”

With a surplus of $270 million, the PCs are committed to reinvesting that money back into priority areas for Manitobans, such as health care and education.

The PCs are budgeting to run modest deficits over the next two years, while injecting necessary funds in those priority areas, bringing the budget back to balance by 2025.

Advanced polls have opened and the provincial election will be held October 3rd, 2023.


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