PC Manitoba

Paramjit Shahi

Fort Richmond

Hello, I’m Paramjit Shahi and I’m running to be your next MLA for Fort Richmond!

Fort Richmond has been my home for over 20 years, and it is this lively & diverse community that my wife and I are so fortunate to raise our lovely 6-year-old daughter in.

Like many other Canadians and newcomers to Canada, I began my life in Canada working in the service industry, from long hours as an entry-level employee up to a management position. I went on to establishing a small business with my brother. Through my active engagement in diverse community boards and now as the Executive Director of South Winnipeg Community Centre, I’m able to proudly serve the community and support local families each and every day.

I’ve also worked with the community to raise funds to build much-needed recreational facilities that will serve our kids, seniors, and families now and in the future. I also regularly help organize tree-planting drives, cultural events, and Canada Day Celebrations at Kirkbridge Park for the benefit of our flourishing community.

Manitoba has always provided my family & I with limitless opportunities and has allowed us to thrive. Now I want to give back! I am passionate about South Winnipeg, our city, and our province, ad it would be an honor to serve as your MLA.