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PC Leader Heather Stefanson Highlights Affordability, Safety, Common-Sense Values in Radio Debate

Radio debate shows stark difference between PCs and NDP: Stefanson

WINNIPEG — PC Leader Heather Stefanson highlighted key initiatives to address the cost of living and make streets safer in a radio debate on 680 CJOB today.

“We are the only party with a vision to grow our economy and help Manitobans make ends meet,” said Stefanson. “We’re the only party who can clearly articulate how we will strengthen law enforcement and make our streets safer.”

The debate made clear that the other political parties are not focused on reducing crime or addressing affordability. Stefanson noted that the NDP have made over $3 billion in promises that they have yet to explain how they would pay for it.

“Manitobans are looking for stability, and after today’s debate, I think it’s clear that we’re the only party offering that,” said Stefanson. “We are the only team with experience that will best guide Manitoba into a better, brighter future.”

The provincial election will be held on October 3rd, 2023.


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