PC Manitoba

PC Party Continues to Strive for Social and Economic Reconciliation

GAMBLER FIRST NATION — PC Leader Heather Stefanson continues her party’s commitment to truth and reconciliation today, attending Orange Shirt Day events in Gambler First Nation. Located near Russell, Manitoba, Gambler First Nation is a 20-per-cent stakeholder in the PADCOM potash mine in the region.

“This is an important day to reflect, listen, and learn,” said Stefanson. “Our party is committed to helping advance First Nations communities, and ensure that they have more opportunities. First Nations partnerships are key to growing our economy. We must ensure they are included in our plans to grow the north.”

“When we work together, there is so much we can achieve. Gambler First Nation is an incredible example of that,” said Stefanson.

During the PC campaign, the party committed $10 million for the Quest Health Recovery Centre—a First Nations-run addictions recovery centre for First Nations people.

“Our party is laser-focused on wrap-around supports to help Indigenous people across Manitoba access the services they need,” said Stefanson. “Economic reconciliation and partnerships with First Nations are key to moving our province forward.”

Stefanson thanked Chief LeDoux and the entire community of Gambler First Nation for their hospitality.


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