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Reducing Crown Land Rent for Farmers

PCs pledge support for producers by reducing Crown land leases 50%, boosting funding for rural veterinary services, and fighting to protect agricultural exports from labour disruption: Johnson

LUNDAR — Manitoba farmers will benefit and prosper under a re-elected PC government with a permanent 50-per-cent reduction on agricultural Crown lands rent and increased funding for veterinary services in rural communities, Derek Johnson, PC candidate for Interlake-Gimli, announced today.

“Manitoba farmers deserve a government that’s willing to fight for them, to keep costs down, and help them grow their operations,” said Johnson. “This announcement means savings that drive down the cost of production.”

Since the 2021 drought, producers have been under stress from market forces, increased inputs costs, and the effects of weather, Johnson said. Reduced rents were a past commitment that the PCs will now maintain permanently to provide producers with long-term relief.

Building on other ag-Crown land modernization initiatives, the PC Party is also committed to fighting the federal government to find a way to compensate lessees for improvements they made if the land is claimed through Treaty Land Entitlement. This protects a producer’s investment.

Johnson said the PCs will also fight to ensure that Manitoba producers can get goods to market by lobbying for further exemptions under the federal labour code to protect containerized agricultural and agrifood products from labour disruptions.

“Getting goods to market is a priority for farmers, and it’s a priority for our PC team,” said Johnson.

To improve animal welfare across the province, PCs are also pledging to triple funding for Veterinary Service Districts, which maintain clinics across the province on behalf of veterinarians and the industry. This will attract new vets to rural Manitoba, improve services for both companion and large animals, and further help livestock producers with accessible service.

A re-elected PC government will also double the funding committed to the Winnipeg Humane Society for the One Health Program, which provides veterinary care in underserved rural and remote communities.

“The Winnipeg Humane Society welcomes commitments from the PCs of additional funding towards supporting animal care in Manitoba,” said Jessica Miller, CEO of the Winnipeg Humane Society. “The growth of our One Health collaborative partnership with the Province will allow our organization to expand our support and reach in providing access to veterinary care where it is currently unavailable. Access to care is vital to improving animal health and the wellbeing of people. Recognizing that healthy animals are integral to healthy, sustainable, and resilient communities is a step in the right direction.”

Trevor King, PC candidate for Lakeside, said these promises together represent a commitment to animal welfare and care in rural Manitoba, and to producers across the province. 

“The funding model for Veterinary Service Districts has not been adjusted for decades, and Crown land leases have needed modernization to reflect the reality of production in Manitoba in recent years,” said King. “I’m proud to be running for a party that is responsive to rural Manitobans, producers, and residents.”

The provincial election will be held on October 3, 2023.


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