PC Manitoba

Réjeanne Caron

Fort Rouge

Rejeanne Caron is a police officer with Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) serving for the past 30 years. Rejeanne currently works on the front line responding to 911 calls for service in the community that includes Fort Rouge.

Rejeanne is a proud Indigenous (Metis) woman, a mother and a wife. Rejeanne is the daughter of a small business owner and an immigrant mother. Rejeanne is fully bilingual (Fr/Eng).

Rejeanne has served the community with compassion, integrity and honour. Rejeanne’s policing record garnered her recognition from the Mayor of Winnipeg and a Police Exemplary Service Medal from the Governor-General of Canada.

This past May, Rejeanne and her partner received a commendation from the Police Service in recognition of her saving the life of a person who without immediate medical intervention would have succumbed to a drug overdose.

Rejeanne has worked in various operational, detective and specialty units such as the Sex Crimes Unit, Intelligence Unit, Criminal Intelligence Service Manitoba, Downtown Safety Coordinator and the Organizational Development and Strategic Division.

During Rejeanne’s tenure as the Downtown Safety Coordinator, she worked extensively with community groups, residents, newcomers, Indigenous organizations, the business community, and all government levels. Rejeanne has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges our communities face concerning homelessness, poverty, addiction and crime.

Rejeanne was honoured to be nominated for the International Association of Women in Policing Community Service Award for her efforts in downtown safety.

Rejeanne worked on one of Winnipeg’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman and Girl homicide cases. She saw firsthand the harsh realities which deeply affected Rejeanne, sparking her advocacy on Indigenous and social matters along with political advocacy.

As a detective in the Sex Crimes Unit, Rejeanne worked extensively with sexual assault victims, victims of sexual exploitation and persons involved in the sex trade. Sex workers were very reluctant to come forward. Through building relationships, Rejeanne was able to make positive strides in the community.

Rejeanne has sat on many Boards and Committees, including the Winnipeg Safe Cities Initiative, a partnership with the UN Women Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Initiative to reduce sexual violence against women and girls in public spaces.

The House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women (the Committee) heard from witnesses and invited Rejeanne to speak at Committee on the particular impacts COVID-19 had on women and girls in Canada. Rejeanne positively contributed and her testimony was included in the final report.

Rejeanne proudly participated on a steering committee of 34 community and government leaders to develop a research/strategy called “Connecting the Circle” to end gender-based homelessness in Winnipeg. A first of its kind in Canada. The report identified the gaps that diverse women, trans, Two-Spirit, and gender non-conforming people fall through that lead to homelessness.

Rejeanne is a trailblazer in the many areas she worked. She was the first female in the WPS Intelligence Unit. She trained as a tactical and strategic intelligence analyst/officer at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa, Canada. Rejeanne was the lead analyst on several major wiretap investigations where she successfully contributed to the disruption of organized crime and brought gangs and organized crime criminals before the courts.

Rejeanne was seconded to Criminal Intelligence Services Manitoba. Here Rejeanne worked in collaboration with the RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency, Brandon Police and both provincial and federal corrections on gangs operating in Manitoba and throughout the country. Rejeanne’s portfolios included organized crime and Firearms. Rejeanne sat on a National Committee studying illicit firearm trends in Canada.

Rejeanne sat on a committee in partnership and collaboration with the Winnipeg Police Service, Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Shared Health to enhance emergency services.

During Rejeanne’s duties, she worked with many people, organizations, not-for-profit organizations, shelters, businesses, and governments. Rejeanne has an in-depth understanding and invaluable experience with complicated social issues such as criminal behaviour, violence, addiction, poverty, homelessness, mental health, and family violence.

Rejeanne is not a stranger to Politics. She ran for the Conservative Party of Canada in the Federal Riding of Saint Boniface Saint Vital in 2019 and Elmwood Transcona in 2021.

When you meet Rejeanne, you will quickly see her passion and compassion to advocate and deal with community problems head-on. Rejeanne will be a strong voice and ally for the residents of Fort Rouge.