PC Manitoba

Saima Aziz

St. Vital

Saima Aziz immigrated from Pakistan more than two decades ago.

Saima holds BSc., MBA, OCP DBA, Professional Certificate in Data Analysis, Agile Project Management (Professional Scrum Master – PSM-II), and possess various certifications, including Google Project Management Certificate, Python Programing Language, R Programming Language, and certifications from Microsoft Corporation, IBM, John Hopkins University & UC Berkeley. 

Saima was University Lecturer in Pakistan.

She has taught courses at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, and Brandon University through IUS North. In addition, she worked in project management at a mining company and was Finance Manager at YWCA, Thompson, MB. Saima has over 20 years of teaching, accounting, finance, and project management experience. She is a well-rounded professional with knowledge and expertise in governance, education, finance, project management and corporate training.

Saima served as a school board trustee for the School District of Mystery Lake, where she also served as chair of the education committee and on the finance committee.

As a volunteer, Saima served on the Board of Thompson Recycle Center and Thompson Boys & Girls Club. In addition, she is active in the Muslim community in Winnipeg. 

Saima is helping students worldwide in their learning through her YouTube channels, Saima Academy and Saima Data Science; her IT courses are also available on Udemy.

Saima believes Manitobans need a good economy, and PC Manitoba is the best option!