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Sheilah Restall


Sheilah Lee Restall is driven by her community.

Sheilah has lived almost her whole life around the McPhillips area. She graduated from the Asper School of Business, and from there continued to learn and grow in her career. With a multitude of certifications, she has established her career in helping people in organizations go through Digital Transformation.

As much as Sheilah loves what she does for her career, what drives her most is her community for which she has been an avid supporter and contributor for a number of years. Having founded multiple short and long term projects, including Winnipeg One Neighbourhood, The Great Winnipeg Bear Hunt, Warm Feet, the Little Gardeners Club, and the Poppy Blanket, she spends her free time pursuing ways to make her community better, stronger, and more connected. For this, she has been honoured with numerous awards and recognitions, including Manitoba 150: Honour 150 and the Canadian Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation.

Sheilah and her family have a deeply rooted history in the McPhillips area and in Manitoba. Now, as a mother to two young children, and married to her husband of 14 years, she wants to work to help the McPhillips riding and Manitoba grow, thrive, and continue to become a place her family and area residents, and all Manitobans are proud to call home.