PC Manitoba

Sumit Chawla

The Maples

Sumit’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2010 when he embarked on an exciting adventure as an international student in Canada. After pursuing his studies in applied business at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario, he found his new home in Winnipeg in 2013. Drawn to the world of finance, Sumit initially worked in the banking industry before feeling a strong calling to venture into entrepreneurship.

In pursuit of his dreams, Sumit took a bold step and opened his own small trucking business. Simultaneously, he acquired his certification as a real estate agent, further diversifying his portfolio. Since 2018, he has been making great strides as a successful realtor in Manitoba, building strong connections and helping clients navigate the real estate market.

With an unwavering passion for business and a vision for growth, Sumit also established a small import and export company. His dedication to seeing others succeed is evident in his interactions, as he believes in nurturing an environment where everyone can prosper.

In 2020, life took a delightful turn for Sumit as he married his high school sweetheart. Today, they stand not only as life partners but also as enthusiastic business partners, combining their strengths to conquer new challenges together.
Sumit takes immense pride in being an active member of the PC party. He attributes a significant part of his achievements to the opportunities and support he received in the welcoming land of Canada. Driven by a profound sense of gratitude, he aspires to give back to the Canadian community through his dedicated services.

Sumit’s journey exemplifies the spirit of a determined entrepreneur, a caring individual, and a committed community member – a true testament to his dedication to both personal and professional growth.