PC Manitoba

Tim Diack

St. James

I’m a lifelong Winnipegger, a Winnipeg Police Officer, and a union member for 40 years. I started a successful business in St. James 30 years ago that is still in operation, and sat as a member of the St. James Biz. My wife is a teacher and union rep and we have lived in St. James for 20 years. I’m the proud father of three, who all call Winnipeg home.

My life has been spent in public service, on the streets and in our neighborhoods. I became a police officer to help and serve. I entered into politics for the same reasons and I see being your MLA as an extension of that service.

As a police officer, I have seen first-hand the impact that addiction has had on our city’s crime and violence. I know many people who have tragically passed away from addiction and seen the trauma brought to their families. The strain on our health care system, economy and on our education system is evident.

St. James is a place where families from all over come to raise their children. As a husband and father, we share the same concerns for our communities future. I have been to hundreds of doors in St. James and listened to the concerns of our neighbours. What I have heard is that our community is hurting and people want the issues dealt with effectively and compassionately.